Hello! We're glad you're here. We have activities planned all summer! Frisco HIS has something for every age!

Chess Club

Chess Club is one of FHIS newest clubs.  Students meet once a month at the Boys and Girls Club of Frisco and enjoy learning this skill.  At the end of the year a tournament is held.

For more information, contact Fabiola Suceveanu at fabiola.suceveanu@gmail.com.

Table Talks

Frisco HIS Mentor Moms put together a Table Talk about a certain topic and anyone interested in joining are welcome to come. These talks can be held in coffee shops, homes, or anywhere else the mentor mom decided to host it. Other mentor moms are welcome to come and catch up with other moms, as well as offer their own insight on homeschooling. It is a great way for mothers to connect with other moms and learn a from experienced moms about homeschooling! 

Moms Night Out

A night just for the busy homeschooling moms. This is a great chance to meet and talk to other moms, share stories, advice and experiences!

Teen Group

The Teen Group is several years old and continues to grow within Frisco HIS. They meet twice a month, one for a game night and the other at a fun location, such as Main Event. This group is a great way for homeschooled teenagers to connect with other homeschoolers their age and for moms to connect with other moms of teenagers! For more information about the teen group please contact Trisch Cumm at yochickenstein@gmail.com.

Drama Club

The Frisco HIS Drama Club is a teenage group within Frisco HIS. The club is student led and mom guided, so the director, set designer, and stage manager are all students. They meet throughout the year to rehearse and prepare for an actual performance in the McKinney Performing Arts Center. Currently they are only accepting families on a referral basis, since there are many students wanting to join. Frisco HIS members are encouraged to attend the performances in April!

Lego Club

Lego Club is a place where children of all ages can get together and build stuff using Legos, or Duplos for younger children. Children have a free building time in the beginning, followed by a show-and-tell. Lego Club meets at the Frisco Boys and Girls Club and more information will be posted on the calendar in the Fall.  

Robotics and Lego Robotics Clubs

Frisco HIS has Elmer and Elsie Robotics for the older students, and Lego Robotics for the younger.   Both compete with other robotics teams in the area.  For more information please contact fhis1985@gmail.com.