Happy New Year and Welcome to Frisco We are a Christian homeschool community existing to... SUPPORT moms, CONNECT families and to SERVE one another for the glory of Jesus Christ. Therefore, encourage one another and build one another up.

Moms Connections and Fellowship Night

In addition to our holiday parties and Winter Summit retreat, we feature a once a month dessert night just for the busy homeschooling moms.  This is a great chance to meet with other moms for fellowship and dessert. We also meet monthly at Hat Creek Burgers in Little Elm for breakfast.  Hat Creek welcomes kiddos in their PJ's!

Chess Club

Students meet once a month for Chess Club and enjoy learning this skill.  At the end of the year a tournament is held.

Lego Club

Lego Club is a place where children of all ages can get together and build using Legos, or Duplos for younger children. Children have a free building time in the beginning, followed by a show-and-tell. Lego Club meets once a month and more details can be found on the calendar.

High School Activities

The Frisco HIS High School Activities group is a great way for homeschool students age 14-18 to connect with other homeschoolers their age and for moms to connect with other moms of teenagers. 

Middle School Activities

The Frisco HIS Middle School Activities group is a great way for the homeschool students that would be in grades 6-8 to connect with other homeschoolers their age and for moms to connect with other moms of young teenagers. 

Girl Time Activities

Girls 4-8 meet for playdates and age appropriate "girly" field trips and meetups.  Siblings are invited to come along at times.  

HIS Kids

Elementary age students meet in the park or in the library for service projects, games, holiday parties and more.  Younger siblings are always welcome and moms play a big part by helping and volunteering to bring party goodies.