Welcome to Frisco HIS We are moms SUPPORTING moms CONNECTING with each other Seeking wisdom together to train our children in the way they should go We desire to SERVE one another with our gifts and talents Providing beneficial activities for our families

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Frisco Home is School is a Christ-centered home school support group, dedicated to doing all things according to Biblical principles and bringing glory and honor to Jesus Christ.

The Purpose of This Group Is To:

  1. Provide fellowship and support for homeschooling families.
  2. Provide opportunity to exchange resource and curriculum information.
  3. Provide the opportunity for field trips, group activities and ministry.

Qualifications for Membership:

  1. Family is actively home schooling at least one of their children or plans to home school within the next year.
  2. Family signs and submits:
    1. Membership Application
    2. Statement of Faith
    3. Code of Conduct and Organization
    4. Release and Waiver
    5. High School Teen Behavior Contract (if applicable)
  3. Family submits nonrefundable membership dues of $28.50 per family for spring semester. (January through July 2020). 
  4. Family abides by standards of good and honorable conduct at all group activities

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